Dani Grossman  is a graphic designer, whose areas of interest include book design, identity systems, printed matter, design for screens, exhibitions, and environments.

Currently at IN-FO.CO 




Wear It In Good Health

Otis College of Art & Design / Spring 2019
From Advanced Image Making Projects

“Wear It In Good Health” is a concept for a weighted blanket, meant to soothe Ashkenazi anxiety.

The textile is designed to look like matzo ball soup, a comforting Jewish staple. The cover of the  booklet, which comes with purchase of the blanket, is an infographic for measuring Jewish anxiety (written by my aunt Linda). It includes an essay about the meaning behind the phrase, “wear it in good health,” a blessing but also a directive. In the motion piece/promo I wanted to communicate this idea of weight, and melting into comfort.