Dani Grossman  is a graphic designer, whose areas of interest include book design, identity systems, printed matter, design for screens, exhibitions, and environments.

BFA, Otis College of Art and Design
Communication Arts (Graphic Design)

Currently working at IN-FO.CO 



No Guilt

WIP / Spring 2019

No Guilt is an online magazine about feeling connected to Jewish culture, but not to religion. The site is meant for secular Jews who want to carry on traditions, without actually having to do anything. The visual language came from this idea of not knowing, using blurred type & image, and making visual references such as the Torah & family recipe books.

The website is intended for cultural Jews, secular Jews, cosmopolitan Jews, gastronomic Jews, non-religious Jews, non-Jewish Jews, bagel & lox Jews, pick & choose Jews, I can’t put my finger on it but I know I‘m Jewish Jews.

There are three issues of No Guilt, each focused on an important aspect of Jewish culture. I. Identity,  II. Nosh, & III. LOL. Every issue comes with a zine, I. About Yiddish, II. Necessary Recipes, III. Jewish comics, jokes, & anecdotes.

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